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A statically typed NotificationCenter in Swift

~ 2 mins

Event hubs, event bus, notification center… all names for an architectural solution to decouple components of your program. You do some work, and then you announce to the world you did, but you don’t care if anybody is listening.

There’s an Apple-provided implementation available for this when doing mobile development for iOS, it’s called NotificationCenter. An example of where you’d use this could be to post a notification every time the current user changes.

To use it, you come up with a magic name for an event, let’s say userChanged, and every time we post this notification we vow to include the new user in userInfo dictionary, let’s say userInfo["user"] holds the new User instance.

My main problem with this, is what’s to say that:

I have good news though. Swift’s generics allow us to make a very nice solution that alleviates all these problems!

The above definition of Hub, Events and Event<T> allows us to:

And all of this is built on top of Apple’s own NotificationCenter and your normal Swift generics!

There’s a GitHub repository for the code in this post, you’re very welcome to send pull-requests: https://github.com/Burgestrand/swift-hub. That’s all for now, thanks for staying!

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