A photo of Kim Burgestrand

Kim Burgestrand

Software development, and people… but also gaming, juggling, martial arts, and action sports.

I’m a self-taught Swedish developer and grew up on an island named Resarö in the Stockholm archipelago. My history includes a short visit to Jönköping University where I met my partner Elin, a pit stop at Gothenburg University, and then roughly five years as a developer at Elabs (Varvet since 2016).

In 2016, Elin and I moved to Stockholm to get closer to family. For a while we lived happily out in the woods of Blackeberg, but in the summer of 2019 we packed our things and moved out into the archipelago again, to Rindö.

I continue to work as a developer, and today I am a co-founder of a tiny consumer-app startup. Other than that I wakeboard, snowboard, play computer games, and juggle. I'm also a dad.

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