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Four layers of dreaming in a single power nap

~ 3 mins

I woke up early today, probably a bit too early. It was uncomfortable sleeping, especially for my recently plastered arm. After being awake for two hours without any sign of the sleep drowsiness wearing off, I decide to take a power nap. I set an alarm for thirty minutes, put my laptop back on the living room table and close my eyes…

Second layer: Sleeping

My first memory is seeing myself lying in the couch with my eyes closed. I am sleeping. Now, I am very much aware of what I am seeing is just a figment of my imagination: a dream of me seeing myself sleeping. As always when I become conscious of myself sleeping, the dream starts to fade away, my dream-vision becomes blurry and I can feel myself waking up. I close my eyes and struggle hard to remain dreaming. I am now myself, the me I just saw lying in the sofa, sleeping.

Third layer: Programming

I am now sitting up in front of my computer with my lovely girlfriend beside me. We are at home, sitting in the very sofa I am sleeping in. Unlike most dreams where I start off with a fresh memory, I actually remember watching myself sleep from the previous layer. I am still dreaming, and this particular dream belongs to the dream of me sleeping in my sofa.

Not much happens, and I become more and more sleepy. As a result, I support my elbow against the table, rest my head in my hand, close my eyes and begin to drift away…

Fourth layer: Gym Hall

I am standing in front of descending stairs, with a massive oak banister running along down its’ left side. Calmly walking down these stairs, I become aware that I am no longer in front of my computer, and that this must be a dream. With every step, I begin to grasp the full context of this dream and the ones before it, realizing how cool (and rare) this is.

Lecture room

I am now in a lecture room. Amongst me are maybe twenty people, none of which I recognize (or bother focusing on). We are scattered, sitting beside desks, on window sills and standing up. Some events happen here that I do not remember properly, and it is best I don’t try. Rest assured, I spend quite a while in this part of my dream.

In the purpose of leaving the lecture hall, I walk to the end of the room and open a green door. It turns out that I am at the bottom of the very stairs I descended before. The blur begins closing in on me, and I feel it is time to wake up soon. Rarely trying to grasp details in my dreams, I decide to inspect my surroundings carefully. While taking a final deep breath, trying to catch up any possible scents (felt none), I now leave this layer.

Third layer: Programming

I wake up with my face buried in my palm. I am still beside my computer, knowing it’s time to leave this place very soon as well. I start turn my head towards my girlfriend and smile; as she smiles back, the world becomes foggy and fades away.

Second layer: Sleeping

I am now sleeping. My eyes are closed, and I have stopped dreaming. Being aware that I am actually still dreaming, I decide to try and hold on to my sleep until the alarm rings. After what feels like five minutes I become bored, wondering why the alarm never rings. Keeping myself dreaming is becoming harder and harder.

The Awakening

Finally the alarm beeps! Still dreaming, I am relieved to let go of my efforts to stay asleep. Expecting to wake up instantly, I am surprised that the dream continues. As I open my eyes, I see myself sleeping and the world is nothing but a blur. Sleep is now feeling very boring, so I forcefully open my eyes again (even though they are open in the dream), which instantly wakes me up. Hearing my girlfriend waking up, I turn off the alarm.

Good morning, love!

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